Ducati 250 Silver Shotgun Restoration – Part 1

In March 2020 we drove down to Ballito to visit my old friend Dave Frisoli, to do an interview with him for our YouTube channel “Route21garage”. I really feel that the world needs to know about artists and artisans like Dave and use their skills for their restorations or rebuilds of their valuable gems, to get them to beyond perfect and jaw dropping.

While Dave was talking about what he does in his humble little shop MFR (Moto Frisoli Racing), he mentioned nut and bolt restorations of old Ducati’s to factory spec, I remembered I had an old gem stuck in the back of my garage.

What I have is a 1971 Ducati 250 single, Silver Shotgun.

I have asked around in South Africa, from importer to past and present Ducati mechanics and no one was prepared to even take on the engine rebuild, as those skills for the bevel Ducati’s are all but gone here in South Africa. I wanted to do the rest of the restoration myself, but time is not on my side at present.

Motor wise, no I don’t have the expertise nor know how and wanted a professional to tackle that. This is why, when I heard Dave talking of nut and bolt restoration of old Ducati’s and me knowing Dave for nearly 20 years and have witnessed his magic transformations, I just had to jump at the opportunity to get this guy to bring back to life my hidden and almost forgotten gem.

Please look out for this “Meet Dave from MFR Part 1” on our YouTube channel “Route21garage” to get the full background of this second generation Ducati-man, his phenomenal achievement and recognition at World Ducati Week 2016 in Misano for his work and to follow the progress of our Silver Shotgun’s restoration and re-birth.

I found this bike in Durban, South Africa, after hearing of an elderly Italian gentleman that was a bike collector. As you can see in the pictures, she is yellow as per the Mark III (only produced in yellow), but I immediately knew from the tail section with chrome mudguard that she was the first and earlier edition produced only in 1971 and ’72.

These were only made for 2 years and only in a glitter silver, forerunner to the 750SS. Why is she so special you ask? These silver café racers have become one of the rarest Desmo singles and were one of the first road going bikes that used Engineer Fabio Taglioni’s desmodromic valve system. I drove that poor Italian crazy over a year with offers and requests and finally my harassment paid off and I drove back to Durban to fetch her.

Very soon we will drive back to Ballito and drop this basket off with Dave and watch what magic he can perform with her. You can follow us by either subscribing to our YouTube channel as mentioned before and or by subscribing to our newsletter to get updates and follow this story on this site as well as receiving specials from our Automobilia online shop. Once this very rare beauty is back to her former glory we will review her and share specifications in our “Museum’ section as well as on Route21garage


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