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The Bike Whisperers

Our dream is to share our passion for bikes. We believe each bike has a soul and personality, and a story to tell. Every bike in the history of biking has been designed and developed for a reason! We want you to discover those reasons, and relive those stories, with us, at Route 21.

We aim to add to our biking portfolio continuously. We want to re-ignite your passion for biking – be it adventure riding, road, off-road or race-track. Or be it the design flair of Italian bikes, or the uncompromising engineering excellence and build quality of German bikes. From the bold and unusual, to the common but beautifully functional, every nation adds something unique to global biking. Even so-called ‘ugly bikes’! They might be ugly to some, but appeal to others!

Our vision at is to be your ‘Bike Whisperer’, and so Route 21 Africa has been created to educate and inspire generations of biking enthusiasts.

There is no right nor wrong as a biker,

only the freedom of life behind bars

– life behind the handlebars of a bike!

Route 21 Automobilia

For Biking brand products and accessories:

Are you a biking enthusiast with a particular brand loyalty? Most of us bikers are passionate about a favourite bike brand. That’s why Route 21 is offering brand biking inspiration you won’t find anywhere else!

Display your passion! Be a proud petrol head. Build up your man-cave with our branded biking accessories and mementos. Be motivated to chase your dream of owning your Dream Bike!
Our brand products and accessories are aimed at bringing the unusual, to the educational, right into your home. From concept and boutique bikes; from art to display items. Ideal for man-caves, fathers-day and crazy gift ideas. Items for generations of bike enthusiasts to admire and learn from.

Route 21 Museum

For interesting reads and videos

At Route 21, we know all there is to know about bikes. Our biking expertise and knowledge is the culmination of lifelong immersion in everything to do with biking.

Route 21 has been created to display, educate and inspire future generations of biking enthusiasts.

We want to share our passion for bikes and biking history through the stories that each bike can tell us. Our goal is to create a tangible biking history that includes the evolution of bike design – overall and with each brand of bike. 

Whether your passion is cruising or adventure riding, off-road or race-track, we hope to continuously add to our biking an brand portfolio, to inspire and excite you.

Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere:

and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

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